Jane Adams

I was brought up in a household where the family cat had its own place at the dinner table.  My love of animals shows in my ceramic and design work as does my irrepressible sense of fun. I also employ anthropomorphism for humour and expression. Sheep make particularly good celebrities for example.

I have been a ceramic artist for over 20 years since leaving my work as a Chartered Surveyor and having my daughter.  I moved to Cornwall in 2006 (some say whilst having a mid life crisis) and originally ran St Agnes Pottery before buying the pottery and gallery in St Just. I’m delighted that my daughter Kara is now not only the Assistant Director of this gallery adding her young person’s eye and superior organisational skills to my business, but has opened her own Gallery in St Ives.

I studied ceramics at Derby and Loughborough and then studied for an MA in History of Ceramics whilst running a gallery in Melbourne, Derbyshire.

I love to portray the cat in all its guises and I also make dogs, hares, sheep, cows, birds, chickens, people and marine life of all kinds. All have wit and humour and often the pieces tell a story (or are some form of social comment).

Recently I have become very interested in making jewellery using hand cast tin, silver, crystals and enamelled copper and I now have a range of original and unusual jewellery onsale in the gallery. I have become particularly obsessed with using Serpentine collected from the beaches of the Lizard and have used it to make pendants, beads and earrings. I have also developed a method of hand casting locally recycled tin into my own moulds to make jewellery and artwork.

I have also become fascinated by illustration and printmaking and have produced a range of useful products from my original linocut artwork. These include cards, badges, mirrors, teatowels, cushions, coasters and bone china mugs/jugs. I am adding to the range each week and have also started hand printing the cards and gallery carrier bags to add that personal touch from my original lino cuts.  The latest products in this range are our hand made lampshades on organic unbleached cotton featuring the linocuts. This is a process I first learned say 45 years ago and it is certainly good to see it make a comeback. The lampshades are available in 15 cms, 20 cms and 30 cms diameter and can be hanging lamps or a table lamp and we offer a bespoke service for the large range of designs.