Sue Gregor

Living in a city, people might think I’d be hard-pressed to find inspiration for my leaf and floral jewellery – far from it. The plants and weeds which grow in the front gardens and wastelands, in hedges and along paths are a rich source of material. The plants which have struggled to succeed in an urban environment give me inspiration on a personal level and for my jewellery.

I use a process I developed while studying for my MA – I call it ‘fossilized plastic’ – which is inspired by a modernist approach; I link the natural world with the man made by marrying acrylic with the plants I have gathered, to produce beautiful and individual pieces. My work is a celebration of the organic and inorganic, industrial and natural.

Each piece of jewellery uses the actual plant and even the veins of the leaf will show, thanks to the fine detail which is captured on the embossed surface. This means that each piece is unique and every piece is handcrafted. Choisya, box, vetch and sweetpeas have all appeared in the jewellery I make, whether in the floral cuffs, leaf pendants or earrings. I am producing textiles such as scarves, handbags and wallpaper, all printed with individual floral or leaf patterns. Created originally using my technique.