Thrashion LTD

Recycled skateboard jewellery!Innovative products made from broken and recycled skateboards.

Thrashion Ltd is a 100% skater owned and run DIY business. We’ve been supporting and recycling the UK skateboarding industry since 2010 and have been in production since 2007.

We make jewellery, accessories and homewares from recycled skateboards which are used in their original state incorporating every scratch and ding to represent the character of the deck.

Being skaters we know that skateboards are not just a toy and we take great care to produce high end products that befit the life of the broken board.

We only use broken or used skateboards and where the board has come from is part of each product. The decks and wheels are used in their original state and apart from being cut, sanded and finished materials and waste is kept to a minimum