Perry Marsh

A little bit about me and what inspires my work…

I attended Penryn school and studied art and pottery here in Cornwall.

Whilst at the school I was offered a work experience placement at a Truro Pottery and was soon offered a permanent position with the company.

Sadly, after 14 months the pottery had to close. However, I had the opportunity to work along side some very experienced and renowned potters including Bary Huggett.

On leaving this pottery I was given a pottery wheal in exchange for a months wages. This mutual exchange allowed me to set up my own workshop at my home in Ashton which I have made my home for the last 19 years.

I live close to Rinsey and Praa Sands in Cornwall. The Cornish landscape I live in offers me the inspiration for my work.

My work is constantly changing and evolving. I create a vast range of bowls, mirrors, trinket pots, cups, mugs, mobiles and clocks. I use recycled materials where possible in my work including glass and beads.