Amada Rawlins

Amanda Rawlins's work is inspired by the landscape around her home, in the far West of Cornwall, where the ancient wild moor land is peppered with sacred sites, hut circles and old mine workings. Amanda also draws on her experiences of living in Glastonbury –  a powerful place that she says has charged her creative energy.

I am inspired by a vivid awareness of the sea, which surrounds Penwith almost as an island, the turning seasons and our mineral-rich land where man has mined metals for millennia.

- Amanda Rawlins.

Amanda's jewellery is hand fabricated using silver, gold, (sometimes a little copper, or brass) and semi-precious gemstones. Amanda uses the traditional silversmithing technique of hand fabrication to form each piece she creates - as craftsmen have done for hundreds of years. Each piece she creates is truly unique.